Common Questions from Tenants

Got a question or a problem? Here are the answers to some we run into regularly. If you can’t find the answer you need, please contact your Property Manager.

Q1.Easy solutions to common problems: Oven/Stove Element Not Working

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  • Have you checked your fuse box?  There may have been an overload – if this is the case, the safety switch could have been activated and may simply need re-setting.
  • Have you checked the connections to make sure they are not loose or dirty?
  • Has the oven wall switch been turned off by mistake?
  • Is the oven clock set? 

Q2.Easy solutions to common problems: No Hot Water

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If you have just moved into the rental property, have you arranged for the connection of your gas or electricity?

 Is it an electric hot water system?  If so:

  • Have you checked that the hot water switch is turned on?
  • Have you checked to see if your hot water system needs re-filling or topping up?
  • Have you checked the fuse in the meter box? Has someone turned off the fuse by mistake?
  • Have you checked that the water tap on the hot water system itself is turned on?

 Is it a gas hot water system? If so:

  • Have you checked to see if the pilot light has gone out? Some units can be easily re-lit, others may require a tradesperson.
  • For mains gas supply – is the gas turned on at the main?
  • For gas bottle supply - are the gas cylinders empty? If so, you need to contact the gas company and arrange to re-fill the cylinders.

Q3.Easy solutions to common problems: Kitchen/Bathroom Sink is Blocked

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  • If there is a major plumbing blockage, call your Property Manager straight away.
  • If the problem is that the sink is taking a long time to drain, try pouring hot water down the sink or using a drain cleaner such as ‘Draino’. Also check that there is nothing blocking the waste and pipe.

Q4.Easy solutions to common problems: No Power

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  • Have you contacted your Power Company?  There may be a fault in the street.
  • Have you checked with a neighbour?  If you are in a block of units it may be the Body Corporate that needs to be contacted for action.
  •  Have you checked your fuse box?  There may have been an overload – if this is the case, the safety switch could have been activated and may simply need re-setting.
  • If a specific light or appliance isn’t working, make sure you check that the light bulb hasn’t burnt out and that the appliance is not faulty.

Q5.Easy solutions to common problems: Garage Remote Control Not Working

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Have the batteries gone flat? Is there power to the automatic door opener? Is the lever inside the garage on "auto"? The lever is generally located next to the control box inside the garage.

Q6.Do I need insurance cover?

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We recommend you take out insurance for your contents from a reputable insurance company, and that you ask for a public liability extension as part of the policy

Q7.What happens if I need to change the locks during a tenancy?

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If you change a lock at the rental property, you must notify your Property Manager straight away and provide them a duplicate key.

We do not provide an emergency service for lost or misplaced keys. If you have lost or misplaced your keys you will need to contact a locksmith at your expense. We recommend you keep a duplicate key handy to avoid unnecessary expense.

Q8.How often will the property be inspected?

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We inspect rental properties every three months and send a written report to the property owner.

Before you move in, you will be given the opportunity to inspect and sign off on the condition of the rental property with your Property Manager.

Q9.What happens to the bond I’ve paid?

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Your bond is lodged with the Department of Building and Housing, and held as security against rent arrears, outstanding costs, damage or excessive wear and tear.

When you move out, your bond will be refunded once we have completed a property inspection and deducted any costs relating to cleaning or repairs

Q10.What happens if my rent is late?

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We operate a zero tolerance policy with regard to late rent.

Please note that, in accordance with your tenancy agreement, rent is paid in advance and must be paid on or before the due date. 

Q11.How do I make my rent payments?

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Rent payments are made by automatic payment into our bank account. You will be given an automatic payment form when you sign the tenancy agreement, with your unique reference ID.

When there is a group renting a property, rent must be paid from one account - we cannot accept several payments from different accounts.