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Meth Contamination

Protect your rental property from meth contamination
If you’re a property investor, methamphetamine or ‘P’ contamination is a scary issue. However, finding out how to minimise the risk of meth contamination is not always an easy task.

We’ve put together the key information you should know – and how you could get a free professional meth test*.

Why should I be worried about meth contamination?
Meth, or P, is made using highly dangerous chemicals, which can easily leach into a home. If your investment property is contaminated by meth, it may need extensive (and expensive) decontamination and remediation before it is safe for tenants to live in again.

When does a rental property need to be decontaminated?
The Government standards state a minimum level for P contamination of 1.5 micrograms per 100 cm² for ‘high-use areas’ (such as bedrooms or living areas).

How can I prevent meth contamination in my rental property?
If you’re renting out a house, check out our top tips:

  • Get your rental property professionally tested – before and after each tenancy
  • Regularly inspect your investment property – ideally every three months
  • Complete comprehensive background checking for tenants – speak to at least two referees
  • Avoid short-term leases – it’s an ideal scenario for those wanting to create a meth lab

Check your insurance fine print. Are you covered for the cost of decontamination and loss of rental income? You may also be required to conduct a certain number of property inspections every year, with documented reports prepared for each.

Free professional meth testing
At Iron Bridge, we have industry-leading procedures when it comes to P contamination. That’s because we believe our clients should have total peace-of-mind property management.

Let’s show you how:

  • We’re offering your first baseline meth test* for free for all new rental properties managed by Iron Bridge – it’s worth up to $300

The testing will be conducted by a leading meth testing provider, MethSolutions.

Contact us today
If you’re wanting more expert advice, or to find out more about our free baseline meth testing, contact us today. Make sure your investment property is well protected.

More helpful information for rental property owners

*Conditions apply. Only applies to first baseline meth test to the value of $300. Available only for new properties signed to Iron Bridge Property Management. Property for free baseline meth test must be located in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.