Why you shouldn’t pay for advertising when selling your home

Why you shouldn’t pay for advertising when selling your home

It is obviously crucial to attract the attention of buyers when selling your home. A highly effective advertising campaign can make all the difference – but you shouldn’t be responsible for paying for it.

Get your property sold without paying for advertising

Two major real estate myths are that the seller must pay for marketing their property, and the more you spend on advertising, the better your results will be. We believe that’s rubbish!

Funding an expensive advertising campaign with glossy full page adverts won’t guarantee you a sale. It will, however, give your agent’s personal profile a nice boost. You’ll also be left with a hefty bill.

A great real estate agent will fully fund a campaign which is cost-effective, highly targeted and delivers results. It’s in their best interests to do so.

Expensive adverts in property publications aren’t worth the money

Property publications are ‘must-have’ places to advertise according to many real estate agents. Yet, how many buyers search for properties by only reading the paper? These days, you’ll find most buyers online. It’s just common sense.

  • Tip #2 - Adverts in specialist real estate publications are nice to have, but there are other much more effective (and far less pricey) options available.

Online real estate advertising is essential

Your agent must develop a comprehensive marketing plan which prioritises online advertising. It’s where buyers are ready and waiting.

  • Tip #3 - Your real estate agent must be an expert at developing a great online advert, which includes excellent quality pictures of your property.

Consider advertising your home in the real estate section of local newspapers

While we think specialist property publications don’t necessarily deliver results, your local newspaper could be worth considering. That’s because potential buyers are likely to be living in your neighbourhood. It’s an area that they already love, and are actively seeking to stay in.

  • Tip #4 - At Iron Bridge, we use local paper advertising for specific areas where we know it achieves great results. Flyer drops around your neighbourhood can be another great (and cost-effective) idea.

A great real estate agent will sell your home for the best price – with no marketing costs

Commissions are not small in New Zealand, so a great real estate agent should be fully funding all advertising to find you buyers. They should develop a targeted marketing campaign which will include a blend of online and local advertising. It should get the results you want – without costing you a cent.

If you want more sensible and honest advice when it comes to selling your home, speak to us today.

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