5 crucial questions you should ask when choosing a real estate agent

5 crucial questions you should ask when choosing a real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when selling your house. It will determine whether you get a good – or great – result. There are five crucial questions you should ask when selecting an agent.

1. What real estate sales results have you achieved in the past three months?

Some real estate agents will use their auction clearance rates, or their profile in the marketplace, as evidence of their success. Don’t get swayed by tall tales:

  • Ask about their number of withdrawn auction campaigns and what percentage of properties have actually sold ‘under the hammer’
  • Check if any clients have needed to drop their reserve price on the day to get a sale
  • Find out if they have a buyers’ database of people already interested in purchasing in your area

2. What selling methods would you recommend?

You only sell your property once, so it is crucial you find the right agent that has the ability to deliver a premium price in a risk-free and stress-free manner:

  • A failed public auction is a damaging event for the vendor – the digital footprint could haunt your property well into the future

3. Will you pay for marketing my property?

Funding an expensive advertising campaign can’t guarantee a sale. At Iron Bridge Real Estate, we believe all marketing costs should be paid for by the agency selling your property.

A great real estate agent will use a targeted marketing campaign, focusing on cost-effective local and online advertising. It will get results without costing you a cent.

4. What approach do you take when dealing with buyers?

Personality matters. The best sales people are not high pressure ‘closers’. They are calm, professional, supportive and provide you with the right information. They are also expert negotiators when it comes to working with buyers.

Your real estate agent should be assertive, but not aggressive:

  • Avoid an agent who is purely focusing on getting the property sold
  • Look for someone who is wanting to achieve the best possible price

5. Do you have previous clients I can speak to as referees?

Make sure you speak to at least two of their recent clients. Your real estate agent is going to be your guide throughout the sales process, so it’s crucial that you appoint someone with proven sales, negotiation and communication skills.

Take the time to find the best real estate agent

Think about the type of person you want to work with. Then, make sure you meet each real estate agent more than once to gain a sense of their style. They should value the opportunity to learn more about you and about how selling your property will improve your life.

You are going to be putting your largest asset (or close to it!) in their care. You need to be able to trust them, and their team, and be confident that they will achieve the best result for you.

If you want expert and honest advice about what’s happening in the property market, talk to us today.

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