Getting your property ready for winter

Getting your property ready for winter

In last month’s blog, we gave you some tips for keeping your property warm and dry during the colder months. Here are some other easy ways to tackle a few pesky issues that can emerge over winter.

Avoid the damp

The average New Zealand family produces around eight litres of moisture in the home each day. A bit of fresh air goes a long way to removing some of that dampness. Less moisture in the air also means your home will be easier to heat.

  • Open windows daily – just a small amount per room should do the trick
  • Ventilate your kitchen and bathroom – open a window or install an extractor fan
  • Ventilate your dryer – open a window or door, or install an external vent
  • Avoid using unflued gas heaters – or at least open a window or door to reduce the fumes. Never use one in a bedroom, it is simply not safe.

Check your gutters and drainpipes

Don’t let your home become surrounded by puddles. Get the professionals to check your gutters and drainpipes. They will remove any muck that may have built up. This is particularly important if there are any overhanging trees.

Checking a rental property?
While this sounds like a relatively straightforward job, changes to health and safety legislation mean this isn’t one you should tackle on your own. If you’re a landlord, hire in an expert and leave it to them.

Check your smoke alarms

Smoke alarms save lives. Make sure you check them regularly:

  • Are they in excellent working condition?
  • Are they installed where they’re needed?
  • Do you have the right type of smoke alarms installed?

The New Zealand Fire Service has some easy to follow advice.

Checking a rental property?
Effective 1 July 2016, landlords must have the right type of smoke alarms installed in the right places. Make sure your rental property is compliant. (We’re even offering a free assessment* to get you covered.)

Garden, or jungle?

Overgrown trees and vegetation is not just an eyesore, it can be a hazard:

  • Regularly inspect your property, particularly if you have tall trees with cables overhead
  • If anything at height needs trimming or pruning, bring in the experts to do it safely

If you’re a landlord, it can be a bit of a struggle to get all these jobs done (not to mention, co-ordinate all those different tradies!) That’s where a property management service can help.

The right property manager will get you great tenants, along with ensuring your property stays in top-notch condition through regular maintenance checks.

Want to find out how property management services can help you? Talk to our team today.

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