Could your property be contaminated with meth?

Could your property be contaminated with meth?

Methamphetamine or ‘P’ contamination is close to a landlord’s worst nightmare. And if you’re looking to buy or rent a home, it adds a whole new level of complexity.

We’ve checked out the facts to give you some important information – including what can you do to detect meth contamination in a home.

Meth contamination in properties

Methamphetamine is created using highly toxic, long-lasting and hazardous chemicals which can easily leach into walls, floors, ceilings and household items.

Meth contamination in a property is incredibly stressful and costly for the owner. It could require extensive and expensive decontamination, and then the subsequent remediation, before the home is safe to live in.

Buying second-hand goods or a car? Beware of meth contamination.

Worryingly, it’s not just properties at risk. Meth could contaminate:

  • Second-hand goods – including furniture, fixtures or other household items
  • Second-hand cars – these could have been used for smoking meth, or making it in a ‘mobile’ lab

Be cautious if you see a second-hand bargain. It could be too good to be true.

How to identify meth contamination in the home

Methamphetamine contamination is insidious. Even if a house has been used to manufacture meth, it can be extremely difficult to see or smell any evidence.

Some obvious (but not always present) warning signs include:

  • Particular parts of the home being freshly painted, such as door frames
  • Signs of chemical staining around outside drains
  • The smell of strong household cleaners, like bleach

Meth testing properties for contamination

Accurate testing is the best way to identify meth contamination in a property.

‘DIY’ meth testing kits

  • These are cheap to buy, but can be unreliable
  • You also need to know exactly which areas should be swabbed on the property

Professional meth testing

  • This the only way to accurately identify meth contamination
  • The testing can also pinpoint what residual levels are found in the home

As a cost guide, an expert MethSolutions baseline test starts at $189 + GST, depending on the size of the home.

Protect your home – and your health

Meth contamination is a scary and serious issue for landlords, as well as those looking to rent or buy a home. That’s why we ensure our team are fully trained about meth use in homes.

If you are concerned about a property, make sure you arrange professional meth testing. We believe it is well worth the investment.

If you’d like some expert advice about meth contamination in rental properties, talk to us today.

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So pleased to see someone addressing this in such a practical way. This information needs to get out there and we need to change peoples mind sets about how devastating the contamination left behind truly is.

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Thank you Ironbridge for your blog outlining how your clients can reduce their risk and liability when faced with purchasing a property as well as managing their investment property. MethSolutions, Nicky Stratford General Manager

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Well written, practical, and terrifying! Shared with #1 son in Brisbane - very useful, thanks! Terry & Ali Goodall

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