Summer holidays are a hot time to sell – here’s why

Summer holidays are a hot time to sell – here’s why

Think your home won’t sell over the summer holidays? Think again. You may be surprised to learn the summer period can be one of the best times to list your property.

In our many years of selling real estate, we’ve found that homes for sale in December and January can achieve very strong results. While the rest of the country takes a break, we’re getting ready for a busy few months ahead.

4 reasons you should sell over the summer holidays

1. Less competition
The auction rooms close in mid-December and don’t re-open until six weeks later. Those properties which miss this cut-off date, won’t be on the market until late January – and possibly not even until February.

2. Greater demand
Fewer properties for sale means increased demand for those homes which are available. It’s an ideal opportunity for sellers. It’s also a great result for buyers, as they can avoid the hassle of an auction process.

3. Serious buyers
Those motivated and ready to purchase will put their summer holidays to good use. With some extra time on their hands, these serious buyers can devote themselves to researching and viewing the properties on offer.

4. Dedicated agents
Our experience shows that December and January are as good, if not better, than any other time of year when it comes to selling a house. That’s why the Iron Bridge team work right through the holidays. One of our agents once even completed a contract on New Year’s Day on the boot of his car, at the beach!

Start making plans to sell

If you’re thinking of listing don’t wait to face stiff competition when the auction rooms re-open. Selling your home over the holidays with a stated asking price could be one of the best decisions you make – and a great excuse to toast your success with all that Christmas champagne!

Talk to our team today for some expert advice about selling over summer.

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