Making sure you’re the most attractive tenant

Making sure you’re the most attractive tenant

With the rental property market continuing to heat up for 2017, securing a tenancy agreement can feel like going into battle. Wondering what you can do to ensure you’re the most attractive tenant? We have some simple tips to help you stand out from the rest and find the perfect property. It all starts with the power of the first impression.

Dress the part

When you meet a property manager or landlord, treat it like a job interview. Make sure you’re smartly dressed, articulate, and appear confident and responsible. Arrive prepared to complete all the necessary paperwork (such as having details of your referees on hand).

If you’re a parent, your children’s appearance (and behaviour) counts too. We all know that despite the best of instructions, little ones often delight in doing the opposite. So, if it’s possible, consider asking someone to mind the kids while you view the houses for rent. That way you can extol their virtue without a worry!

Punctuality counts

Turn up on time. A property manager will meet with many potential tenants, so don’t make tardiness the only thing they remember about you.

Be prompt with your application. Complete it as thoroughly as possible, submit it as soon as you can and ideally use neat handwriting. It’s the little things that matter!

Don’t appear demanding

The best tenants are those that pay their rent on time and keep the property spic and span. Property managers and landlords are looking for tenants who are low maintenance. So, make sure you don’t start off on the wrong foot by presenting a list of issues before you move in.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions about certain things and make reasonable requests for repairs. Just make sure you’re not issuing a list of demands.

A smart CV

A simple rental CV shows you’re serious and well prepared. You’ll stand out from the crowd and it will make it easier for the property manager or landlord to consider your application.

Here’s what you should consider including:

  • Your current and previous renting history – including the addresses of each property, how long you lived there for, and the contact details for your current and previous landlords
  • If you’re new to the rental market, think outside the box for possible referee sources. It could be anyone who has seen how you maintain a home – like your neighbours, previous real estate agents or work colleagues
  • Always include your preferred terms for the tenancy – such as your move in date and length of lease
  • State if you have any pets and their requirements – which are hopefully minimal!

If you’re planning on emailing your rental CV, make sure you include a succinct cover note so the property manager or landlord will know to open the attachment (and understand its relevance).

Be prepared for the credit check

It’s common practice for property managers and landlords to give their prospective tenants a credit check. Make sure you’re prepared for them to start this process – it’s a very positive sign!

If you have any issues that the credit check may identify, be proactive and tell them in advance. Failing to mention any issues may appear like you’re hiding something.

Don’t despair – you’ll get there!

Competition is high, so don’t despair if the hunt for your perfect property seems endless. Showing you’re serious, well-prepared and motivated could be all the difference you need.

Make sure you’ve got what it takes to be the most attractive tenant!

Ready to rent? Take a look at our rental property listings or get in touch with our Property Management team in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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