The Iron Bridge Foundation helps get Estiphanos in the game

The Iron Bridge Foundation helps get Estiphanos in the game

13-year old Estiphanos has had a passion for football for many years but through circumstances his family didn’t have the funds to get him involved in a local club to give it a go. Which is why the Iron Bridge Foundation put up their hand to assist them, by covering Estiphanos’ club fees and getting him set up with all the kit to play and practise with.  

For Estiphanos it’s been a social opportunity as well as a sporting one, enabling him to socialise with his peers and get involved in his community – whereas he had been quite isolated prior to starting the season. 

“Before, when I was not in a football club I say to myself, one day I might be part of football club, now I am.  Thank you very much... I love you guys so much,” says Estiphanos. 

And his thanks are thoroughly appreciated by the team at Iron Bridge. 

“The look on Estiphanos’ face when he’s all dressed and ready to play is priceless,” says Pam Marshall, trustee of the Iron Bridge Foundation. “It’s why we do what we do! To give someonethe shot they deserve at pursuing what they love.”Soccer Photo 1

The Iron Bridge Foundation was set up in 2016 to help provide financial support for young people in the local community wanting to follow their dreams, whether sporting, cultural, or educational. 

If you want to know more about The Iron Bridge Foundation, or know of someone we may be able to help, please take a look at our site or get in touch.

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