HOUSES FOR RENT: How to be an attractive tenant

HOUSES FOR RENT: How to be an attractive tenant

No, we don’t mean tall, dark and handsome. When it comes to nabbing the rental property that you love, you really do need to make an effort. Prospective tenants are in hot pursuit of great rental properties, and you’ve got to show just why you’d be the best choice for a long-term rental relationship. 

So, how do I make a good first impression? Well, here are the top things we’re looking for in our ideal tenant – 

  • Tidy appearance

When you meet property managers or landlords, treat it like a job interview. Now that doesn’t mean turning up in a three-piece-suit and dress shoes, but it does mean smart casual, brushed hair, clean shoes and, of course, fresh breath! The way you take care of your appearance does reflect on the way you’ll potentially take care of their precious rental property. First impressions count.

If you have kids, their appearance (and behaviour) counts too! We had a case once when showing a family a property, and their school-aged child went to the bathroom on the lawn – thankfully it was number ones, but it was not the good first impression that his mother was trying to make! If it’s possible, having someone mind your kids while you view the houses for rent will make things much less stressful for you, and can avoid those outlandish situations our delightful children sometimes put us in!

  • Promptness

Turn up on time. Pretty simple. But when a property manager is interviewing 10 or more potential tenants, a little tardiness could be the only thing they remember about you. 

Be prompt with your application and complete it as thoroughly as possible. Show you’re keen and serious by getting a completed application back to the property management team or landlord within 24 hours. That’s exactly what other potential suitors will be doing, so keep up with the play.  

  • Not too needy

In any relationship, there’s nothing worse than a clingy, high maintenance partner. And right from the outset, a good property manager will be wary of a potential tenant that asks for multiple things to be fixed or requests certain conditions be met at the property before they’ll move in. It hints at just where the relationship might be going to head.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions about certain things, and reasonably request for something to be fixed. But always keep in mind ‘Am I making a good impression or coming across as a little overbearing?’ Neediness is a real turnoff. 

At the end of the day, if you’re our tenant, we’ll make sure any maintenance niggles you find are fixed up, quick-smart anyway. 

  • A smart CV

Yes, a rental CV! It can help landlords and property managers considerably when trying to make the right decision on a suitable tenant. A well-prepared rental CV shows you’re serious and well prepared, and it will definitely put you ahead of the pack. It’s especially helpful if you’re renting as a group too or have pets. Take a look at this article which mentions how to prepare your rental property CV.

Competition is high and everyone’s out to find a perfect rental property to call ‘home’, but you can improve your chances dramatically, just by being a little strategic (and honest) about your situation and circumstance. So get your charm on and go out and nab that dream rental. 

Take a look at our latest rental property listings or talk to one of our Property Management team in our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch offices.

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