Think your home won’t sell over the summer holidays? Think again.

Think your home won’t sell over the summer holidays? Think again.

As most of the country grinds to a halt over the Christmas and New Year period and heads to the beach, many people think that the summer break is a terrible time to sell your property.

The reality is, it’s actually a time when sellers can achieve very strong results. In fact, at Iron Bridge Real Estate, December and January have always been very good months for sales and our sales team are typically busy right through the Christmas break.

So why is selling over the summer holidays such a hot idea?

One of the main reasons is the fact that the auction rooms close down over that six-week Christmas holiday period. So, most agents who prefer to sell by auction discourage people from selling over that time, and instead suggest selling in February when auctions are back up and running again. 

This means there are fewer properties on the market – which creates more demand for the properties that are for sale over that period. A great result for sellers, and a great result for buyers too as properties for sale over that period are typically not sold by auction, which makes purchasing a little easier.  

For those serious about looking for a property, the December/January period is actually the perfect time to focus on buying. People often have extra time on their hands because work is closed or they have statutory holidays, and can use this time to view and research properties with more purpose. 

It’s for exactly these reasons that we work right through the holiday break. There are always serious buyers out there looking and we’ve helped many buyers and sellers over that period, with great success. One of our agents even completed a contract on the boot of his car, at the beach, on New Year’s Day! 

If you’re looking at the prospect of selling, we believe the summer holiday period is as good, if not better, than any other time. We have seen the results year upon year and know that marketing a home with a stated asking price over that period works very well. We pride ourselves on the fact that we work differently to other real estate agencies, and this is why we see such success over summer. While the auction rooms are closed, we’re still selling strong. 

So, if you are thinking of moving, now could be the ideal time to start making plans to sell this summer.  If this sounds like you, talk to us today. 

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