How to prep your property for sale

How to prep your property for sale

Putting your home on the market can seem like a pretty daunting task. In fact it rates highly as one of the more stressful events in life.  But it is inevitable for almost all of us at some point – so how do we make the whole process as straightforward as possible?

Like most things preparation is key. Preparing yourself early will make a lot of difference to your stress levels and the whole experience of selling a property. It doesn’t have to turn your life upside down and done well, can maximise your final sale price! 


1. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes

Just like in any type of marketing, you’ve got to work out who your target audience is – who do you think you’re likely to sell to? Families? Young professionals? Retirees? Investors? Putting a bit of thought into who your property will appeal to will help you make clear decisions on setting your home up for sale and styling it well.

2. Clear the clutter

It may be functional to have everything within arm’s length, but it certainly isn’t attractive! Clutter distracts from the features of a home and gives the impression a place is unclean. And by clutter we don’t necessarily mean piles of mess. We mean anything that isn’t absolutely necessary for day-to-day life. Clear kitchen benches, clean surfaces, store your knick-knacks and toys, pet paraphernalia, stray books and magazines. Packing it all away is great preparation for the future move too.

3. Don’t let your personal taste get in the way of a sale

It may be your castle, but when you sign up to sell be ready to strip back some of the more personal elements in your home. Your passion for purple, your extensive fine china collection, and multiple family portraits may not strike a chord with the prospective buyer. We’re not saying go all beige and boring, but do think mainstream market. If you have a strong style, just pare it back a little while your house is for sale – think of the impression it makes on your buyer first and foremost. A clean, clear home gives people the space to imagine themselves and their style fitting in.

4. Get those fix-ups finished

A well-maintained property shows prospective buyers that yours is a quality home, one that’s been cared for and can be an enjoyable place to live. That list of little DIY jobs needs to get nailed – no more time for procrastination. A dripping tap, sticking gate, or peeling wallpaper will make an impression, and not a good one.  It’s now or never.  

5. Get your garden into gear

First impressions count and the initial thing you see at most properties is the garden leading to the front door.  Overgrown footpaths, slimy steps, dropped leaves and flowers create a sense of a home that hasn’t been cared for, and therefore must be hard work to look after. Getting things in order doesn’t mean a whole new planting regime. A day or two of hard graft trimming overgrown branches, weeding and general tidying will make a massive difference. And it doesn’t have to be you doing the hard work. There are lots of garden maintenance companies out there who’ll do it for you. With a little overhaul and perhaps a few new well-placed plants, your outdoor area could become one of the highlights of your home.

These are just some of the basics we hope will help you through the selling process. Perhaps you’re planning on going a little further with prepping your property for sale with a renovation? If you want some advice on where your money could be best spent – give us a call. Many of our agents are personally experienced in renovating for sale and would be happy to provide obligation-free advice.  

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Thanks for the interesting article. Something I'd suggest for preparing for auction too is providing information that prospective buyers would want to see - such as the Council LIM report. It seems like a barrier for some to spend hundreds of dollars, just to be an informed bidder at auction. There's now a service available for vendors to make this easier, so they don't have to do any Council paperwork. Phillips independent Ltd works with Councils across NZ to make the selling or buying process easier, by ordering the LIM reports on behalf of customers. Urgent and discounted options are available in most areas too.

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