A double birthday party to celebrate a decade for Iron Bridge

A double birthday party to celebrate a decade for Iron Bridge

You may have heard a whisper that it’s our birthday. A big birthday in fact – 2014 adds up to 10 years in business for Iron Bridge Property Group, and we thought that was probably worthy of some celebrating, which is exactly what we’ve been doing over the past few weeks. 

Christchurch started the party on Thursday 29th May where the Iron Bridge team, partners, colleagues and valued clients came together for a great night to remember the highlights and people that stood out over the last 10 years, and are still going strong a decade on. Iron Bridge’s Christchurch office is home to three 10-year veterans, David Lewis, Sue Wallis and Pip Rowbotham, who’ve really helped develop our Christchurch business.

The Auckland team and associates celebrated at The Wharf on Northcote Point on Thursday 5th June, with the Harbour Bridge and lights of Auckland city as the backdrop. 


Co-Founder and Managing Director Brent Smith spoke at both events, reiterating that Iron Bridge is a family-owned business through and through, thanking his wife and Co-Founder Sue, and his children, Principal and Director, Adam, and Pam, General Manager of Property Management. He noted that the succession plan was well and truly sorted. 

The theme of moving forward certainly rang true with several attending the Auckland party who commented on the change in Iron Bridge’s marketing and look over the past two years, something that’s now more in line with our professional level of service.  

“10 years is an achievement we’re very proud of,” said Adam Smith, “But as with any 10th birthday, we know there’s a lot of growing ahead and an exciting future to build. And that’s our focus – where we’re heading, not where we’ve been.” 

Brent & Sue Smith

“A birthday always triggers a bit of reflection,” says Brent. “As with any business, you have your ups and your downs.  We’re very excited about the future and how we can continue to improve our business to benefit our customers.”  

The Smith family extends their thanks to everyone who has been part of the Iron Bridge story. Keep in touch – we appreciate working with you.

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