100% Occupancy Promise for your investment property

100% Occupancy Promise for your investment property

One of the biggest fears most landlords hold is the prospect of their investment property sitting empty for days, weeks or even longer. Most of us have mortgages to pay, regular bills coming in, and the thought of being hit for extra payments is definitely the nightmare side of the property investment dream. 

But this doesn’t need to be a reality. Most of the horror stories you hear about are from landlords who chose to manage the property themselves, and then take short cuts. Not all property managers are the same either. Iron Bridge Property Management has perfected a series of steps in the tenant selection and letting process that have seen us run probably the highest occupancy rate in the entire property management industry in New Zealand.

So, to make sure you don’t have to worry about no rent coming in, we’re offering a ‘100% Occupancy Promise to new clients. It gives you added security that you’ll never have a day without rent in the first two years that we manage your property. That means if your rental property is untenanted at any stage during the first two years, or if there are arrears, we’ll pay the rent for you. We feel it’s a great assurance for owners, on top of the outstanding service our property managers provide.  

For us it’s all part of the deal – selecting the right tenant is key. We provide a great service with all the right checks and balances in place to ensure you get quality tenants and your investment property is well looked after. Iron Bridge Property Management Services include:

  • A five-stage tenant screening process, which includes extensive reference checking and credit reporting.
  • Thorough quarterly inspections of your property, providing you with a written report.
  • A zero tolerance rent arrears policy. No procrastinating. Any delinquent rent payer receives our undivided attention to the full extent of the Tenancy Act. 

That’s why a 100% Occupancy Promise is an easy one for us to make… and keep. We are absolutely confident that we can find and retain quality tenants for your rental, and give you 100% peace-of-mind in return, that your rent will be paid, no matter what. It’s a perfect opportunity to appoint a property manager, and see why it’s much simpler to be a property investor, not a landlord. 

There’s no better time to try a property manager, than with our Iron Bridge 100% Occupancy Promise – that’s two years knowing your rent gets paid, no matter what. So talk to us and get 100% peace-of-mind – simply book a free, no obligation rental appraisal or call your nearest branch.


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