Sidney & Sandra

The house was sold in approximately 4 weeks

We wish to thank Iron Bridge Real Estate, on successfully selling our house at 22A Jutland Road, Takapuna.

As you know we spent a considerable sum of money for a major maintenance program on the exterior of the house to ensure it was in a pristine and fully weather-proofed condition, which enabled you to market the property with confidence.

However, we also realise that, being a plaster clad building, you were faced with an amount of prejudice against such properties in the marketplace, in your attempts to make the sale. We also had quite high price expectations for the sale and you provided us with sound counseling on this matter, so that we were all working on agreed expectations when the house went on the market.

The methods of marketing employed by Iron Bridge was the main reason we selected the company from other strong real estate competition at the outset, but the key factor was an established basis of respect and trust that had been put in place between us. 

IBRE - Sidney & Sandra

The house was sold in approximately 4 weeks from going to market and a settlement date established that was perfect for us.

So we are now packing up to leave and whilst we will be a bit sad to move away after 8 years in the house, we are excited with our new venture.

Again, many thanks Iron Bridge for your negotiating skills on our behalf.

We will remain extremely grateful for your professionalism and will obviously recommend you and your company to anyone in a similar selling scenario.

Kindest regards

Sidney and Sandra 

Jutland Road, Takapuna