Shiree & Robbie

A win win for all!

We have found Monique from Iron Bridge Property Management to be very competent. She met with us several months prior to us being ready to rent our house, and was very helpful and made us feel confident in her and Iron Bridge to look after our property. 

We had a follow up meeting with her once we were closer to our decision to rent, and she helped us every step of the way. Whilst we were on holiday for 3 weeks, she had advertised, got a handful of interested parties through and had a family secured all whilst we were sunnying it up in Australia! She had someone ready to move in a week after we vacated our home to move up north. It was hassle and stress free.  And we were thrilled that the new tenants wanted to secure our beautiful bungalow for 2 years. So an excellent start to changing our home into a small business, whilst we move up north and set up home in a house the husband bought without me seeing it! And its perfect! So a win win for all!

We look forward to continuing a successful relationship with Iron Bridge over the coming years. So far its been a breeze!

Thanks Monique

Shiree + Robbie

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