Les & Sue

From start to finish we were extremely happy with Iron Bridge

Just a week before we started marketing with Iron Bridge, an agent from another company brought us an offer $37,000 less than what Iron Bridge sold it for. On top of that, there was high pressure for us to take the offer and we were told that we would end up regretting turning down such a great offer. Well I can tell you now, we don't regret a single thing and we are so grateful we went with Iron Bridge and sold for a much higher price. 

IBRE - Les & Sue 17 Ivy PlFrom start to finish we were extremely happy with Iron Bridge. We didn't have to do an auction or open homes and only had REAL buyers come through who were genuinely interested. We knew when we did have a viewing, it was worth while because they were genuine qualified buyers. You were always honest, kept us completely informed and you always did exactly what you said you would do. The whole concept and the way you ran it was exceptional.

We thank you Paul and all of the team at Iron Bridge and hope to see you come visit us in our new home in Papamoa.

Les & Sue


 Ivy Place, Birkdale