Graeme & Neryl

It was a great pleasure to have a conscientious and realistic real estate agent

Iron Bridge had been our property managers for the 12 year life of our rental in Wigram, so it was only fitting that when we decided to move it on, we used that same company to sell the dwelling for us. They knew it inside and out.

What a great pleasure it was to have a conscientious and realistic real estate agent as we had in Desere Girdlestone from Iron Bridge to do the marketing for us.  We felt more than comfortable about her handling the marketing and finally the sale of the property with the added bonus of achieving more than we expected. This was due to her determination to do the best for us as her clients.

Graeme Neryl FixedWithin just a week on the market, it was a great pleasure to get a phone call from Desere to say she had negotiated two multiple offers above the listed price.  

Thank you to Desere for an excellent experience and we congratulate you on the sale of our dwelling, without any hitches. Iron Bridge should be very proud of having you on their team.

Thank you for everything.

Graeme and Neryl Savage