Fendall - Landlord

We have enjoyed continued excellent communication and service

Prior to relocating to Australia from Auckland, Iron Bridge had already managed our investment unit since 2008.  We knew that we wanted the same level of care and attention paid to our family home in Auckland also as we rented it out. It was a no-brainer to use Iron Bridge as their track record with our unit was excellent.

After three years in Australia, we have enjoyed continued excellent communication and service, and it has been worth the investment to have them take care of all the issues that can arise with both properties.

It was expected that over time, personnel change in any property management firm, and we did have two such changes - but regardless of who managed the properties for us, the same culture and service applied, it was obvious that Iron Bridge take care to employ the right people.

A big thank you to the team at Iron Bridge.

IBPM - Fendell

Sylvia Road, Hillcrest