I decided to contact Sam and discuss how he and Iron Bridge operates

Whilst renovating our home recently we received a letter from Iron Bridge Real Estate and Sam Hope.

Usually I throw the plethora of invites to gain a valuation on your property away, but this one was different as Sam introduced himself using the names of qualified buyers looking for a home in our area.  I decided to contact Sam and discuss how he and Iron Bridge operates and how he had qualified his buyers as they were genuinely looking for a family home. I cautiously proceeded and invited Sam to engage with them as to their level of interest whilst we continued our renovations.

IBRE - Dean - SH TramwayI found that in my dealings with Sam we built a professional relationship and that he was working for me and trying to find a genuine solution for his prospective buyers. Sam proved to be an effective conduit and negotiated fairly and openly.

I believe that Sam supported both parties in this transaction and especially after encountering a technical issue which could have delayed the sale which was out of our control, he assisted with finding a solution.

I have found Sam approachable and effective. He can be as direct as you need him to be so if you ask a tough question he will provide an answer.

It has been a pleasure to deal with Sam and his efficient handling of the sale of our property

Dean Wensor

Tramway Road, Beach Haven