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We are very fortunate to come across such a professional and friendly agent Paul


Chinese Version:

我非常高兴的向您推荐房产中介Paul Foster。我们在半年前是从中国北京移民到新西兰奥克兰。在Paul的帮助下我们于2016年3月31日顺利对我们购买的北岸的房产进行了交割。在我们买房的整个过程中,Paul为我们提供了专业和热情的服务和协助。我们感到十分幸运可以碰到Paul这样专业和友善的中介。我们从看房到买房接触了不少中介,我们的英语不是很好,但是在买房的沟通过程中, 我们感觉跟Paul的交流很顺畅,他在短信和电话的回复都非常及时,而且使用非常通俗简单的英语与我们交流。Paul对卖家和买家都是非常公平负责的。 我们买的房子是议价的,通过Paul的帮助我们多次和屋主议价,Paul在议价的过程中帮助我们争取最好的价格并且在合同中加入了让屋主重新对瓦顶进行粉刷的条件,并且在交割前帮助我们监督粉刷的质量。这些都是对我们很大的帮助。在最后交割之前的final inspection时候,Paul仍然非常耐心的帮助我们检查房屋,收集证据,并与屋主交涉达成共识,达到买卖双方的满意。虽然我们不需要为他的服务支付费用,但是我们感到Paul对买卖双方都是非常公平和公正的。我无法想象我们会从别人得到任何更好的服务。


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To Whom It May Concern:

I am very pleased to recommend to you the real estate agent Paul Foster. We were immigrants from Beijing China to Auckland, New Zealand six months ago. With the help of Paul we successfully purchased our North Shore house and it delivered in March 31, 2016. During the whole purchasing process, Paul provides us with professional and friendly service and assistance. We are very fortunate to come across such a professional and friendly agent Paul. From the very first day we decided to buy a house we contacted dozen of real estate agents, our English is not very good, but through the communication process we feel that we have no any issue with Paul, we communicate smoothly. Paul always replies SMS and telephone are very timely and uses very easy understandable English. Paul is very fair and responsible for sellers and buyers. The house we bought was by negotiation, and we have bargained a few rounds under Paul’s help. Then Paul helps us to strive for the best price during the bargaining process and the contract was added conditions to let homeowners re-tiled roof. And he helped us supervise the quality of the painted tiles before final delivery. These are a great help for us. In the final inspection just before the last delivery day, Paul was still very patiently to help us inspect the home, gather evidence, and negotiate with the owners to reach a consensus, both buyers and sellers to achieve satisfaction. Although we do not need to pay for his services, we feel that Paul are very fair and equitable both buyers and sellers. I cannot imagine we'll get any better service from others.

If my wife and I are ready to buy a new property or sell the property again, Paul must be our first choice of real estate agent. So, I cannot wait to recommend Paul to help you if you are going to buy or sell a house, I hope you can buy your own dream house.



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