I can confidently say that you are in a class of your own

Dear Paul,

I write this unsolicited letter as it would be remiss not to do so.  I would like to congratulate you on a well orchestrated strategic marketing plan of my property that resulted in a most pleasing outcome.

In modesty, having held executive management positions, I feel qualified to judge people on their professional ability.  The Real Estate industry is not always seen in a positive light by the general public however, I found you to have a measure of honesty and integrity not usually afforded to your profession.  Having bought and sold houses in the UK, USA and New Zealand and dealt with many Real Estate agents, I can confidently say that you are in a class of your own.

IBRE - Barry Valdese

I was particularly impressed with your level of communication and your respect for my son’s involvement in this entire process, it was very much appreciated by both of us.  In the unpredictable market that we found ourselves in, your calm, professional demeanour gave us confidence of the successful outcome that was achieved.

I think one aspect of Real Estate marketing that is either misunderstood or undervalued, is the negotiation process, of which you are a Master.  A perfect illustration of this is the fact that you were able to negotiate a successful sale from a buyer who initially made a ridiculously low offer that was not even worth countersigning.

It might be of interest for you to know that many of my immediate neighbours were most interested in the sale of my property as this may be indicative of what they could achieve themselves. I have strongly recommended that they consult you when the time comes for them to market their properties.

On a personal note, considering the attributes that I have mentioned above, I must say… It is completely illogical how a man of your ability and intellect could be a supporter of the Everton Football Club!?!?

In conclusion, Tony and I would like to thank you for all your time and effort and for the extra miles you went.

Kind regards,

Barry Hatton

Valdese Rise, Browns Bay