Anton & Grace

With her hard work, finally, we have got lovely tenants

Iron Bridge Property Management had always been our first choice when we decided to place our property for rent. They are highly recommended by the family.  We were kindly introduced to Monique as the Development Manager of our property. It took some time before we got the right tenants however from the start, Monique stayed positive and optimistic towards our property, despite the delicate condition of the market. She constantly gave us updates and kept on top of market news.  With her hard work, finally, we have got lovely tenants, exactly what we hoped for and it was worth waiting for.

With her professionalism, excellent communication and handling of the initial stage in renting out our property, we are very happy to recommend Monique as one of the best people to work with in Iron Bridge.

Thanks Monique, all the best!

Anton, Grace and Xander

IBPM - Anton & Grace