Our Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves on providing real estate, property management and property investment services that are second-to-none in terms of customer experience and results. Here is a selection of recent feedback from our clients around the country.

We would like to thank the team at Iron Bridge for a very pleasant and easy house sale

Georgia & Hakan - Sellers
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Georgia & Hakan

The process for selling our property was much smoother than we imagined it would be

Chris & Shirley - Sellers
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Chris & Shirley

Eben really understood our needs

Siva & Idhaya - Tenants & Buyers
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Siva & Idhaya

She was very professional and competent.

Nicki & Barry - Sellers
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Nicki & Barry

His can do attitude led to positive outcomes for both the buyers and the sellers

Nik &Tina - Sellers
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Nik & Tina

Nothing was ever a problem

Marty - Seller & Landlord
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We continued to be impressed by the performance of the whole Iron Bridge team

Tony & Lorraine - Sellers
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Tony & Lorraine

Here was someone I could trust

Gay - Seller
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He is gifted, talented and knows his market

Steph & Adel
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Steph & Adel

Eben showed great skill and ability when it came to negotiating the best price for us

Peter & Mel - Sellers
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Peter & Mel

We would certainly work with the Iron Bridge team again

Doug & Julie - Landlords & Sellers
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Doug & Julie

We're delighted with the service we’ve received

Andrew & Pip - Landlords
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Andrew & Pip (1)

I appreciated their informative non-pushy approach

Mat - Purchaser
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Our best interests were central to a process that led up to achieving a great result

Peter & Fe - Sellers
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Peter & Fe

A pleasure to have dealt with Ashleigh and Iron Bridge

Rana & Ellie - Tenants
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Rana & Ellie

We really appreciated her efforts in finding the exact property according to our budget and demand

Heena & Prince
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Heena & Prince

If you want a successful outcome she is the person that can assist you in it.

Wendy - Seller
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Wendy (1)

You made the process stress free and we would highly recommend you

David & Sue
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David & Sue

From the outset our impression of Iron Bridge was favourable.

Christopher & Charlotte - Sellers
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Christopher & Charlotte

We are delighted with the outcome

Tess & Blair - Sellers
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Tess & Blair

Iron Bridge, we WILL be using you again

Dave & Elle - Sellers
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Dave & Elle

Jordan's efforts made the sale process so easy for us!

Willie & Kylie - Sellers
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Willie & Kylie

Easy to get in touch with, quick to respond, overall great agent!

Natalie - Purchaser
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Thanks for your time and support through this crazy and exciting time!

Blair & Jenny - Buyers
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Jenny & Blair

I will highly recommend your services to my family and others

Millan & Family - Buyers
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We believe you achieved the right price, faster, at lower cost and with less stress for us

Anne & Wayne - Sellers
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Wayne & Anne

Using Iron Bridge Real Estate was a no brainer

Ian Black - Seller
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Ian Black

Nothing was too difficult for him

Debbie - Seller
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I had Paul Foster and the Iron Bridge team on my side

Marguerite - Seller
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I would happily recommend my friends to her

Antoinette & Sean
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Antoinette & Sean

I am so grateful to have met you and the team at Iron Bridge

Graham - Seller
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Graham Datson

Nick Close at Iron Bridge who told us he could find us a tenant within a week...and indeed, he did

Phillip & Erlinda
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Philip & Erlinda

We could not have made a better choice

Mel & Rod - Sellers
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Mel & Rod

Monique is great!

Cameron & Victoria - Landlords
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Cameron & Victoria

Yourself and your team provided us with the confidence in knowing we had chosen the right person and Agency

Gaynor & James - Sellers
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Gaynor & James

The Iron Bridge systemised approach made everything so easy and simple for us.

Annabelle & Michael - Investors
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Annabelle & Michael

We appreciated your advice Brent

Stephen & Brienne - Investors
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Stephen & Brienne

Each time Monique has exceeded my exceptions

Nicholas - Landlord
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When Iron Bridge sold my property they made it so easy

Joseph - Seller
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The whole process as first home sellers went without a hitch

Nickki & Carl - Sellers
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Nickki & Carl

You made it your business to be knowledgeable about the property

Ian - Seller
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Both the rental team and sales team did a top-notch job

Edmund - Landlord & Seller
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Paul provides us with professional and friendly service and assistance

Bing - Buyers
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Bing & family

…your calm, professional demeanour gave us confidence of the successful outcome that was achieved

Barry - Seller
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Iron Bridge are a great company to work with

Henrik & Julia - Sellers
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Henrik & Julia

We felt the whole Takapuna branch was working with us

Richard & Lynda - Sellers
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Richard & Lynda

With no upfront fees and trustworthy people it suited my situation well

Bevan - Seller
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I did not have to pay any advertising or marketing costs.

Susan - Seller
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You were so personable that it felt like we were old friends

Robinson Family - Sellers
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Robinson Family

From the start, Paul eased me into the steps with his caring manner and expertise

Maureen - Seller
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The whole process was quick, easy and very professional

Pat - Seller
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The sale was so easy and stress free

Roger & Mandy - Purchasers
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Roger & Mandy

Over all, just great!

Bianca & Luke - Sellers
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Bianca & Luke

We look forward to continuing a successful relationship with Iron Bridge

Shiree & Robbie - Landlords
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Shiree & Robbie

We are totally satisfied with the service provided by Paul & the Iron Bridge team

Clarry & Robyn - Sellers
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Clarry & Robyn

You were fantastic compared to our previously bad experiences with other agents

Colin & Lesley - Sellers
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Colin & Lesley

Desere's communication was excellent

Glenn & Nicki - Sellers
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Glenn & Nicki

We are now sold and on the move! We're very happy - thank you so much

Jim & Janice - Sellers
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Jim & Janice

You were determined to do the best for us as clients

Graeme & Neryl - Landlords & Sellers
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Graeme & Neryl

We were never afraid to ask Desere for anything

Jean & Colin - Buyers
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Colin & Jean

He was considerate of our feelings and patiently answered all of our questions even though some must have seemed silly to him

Carol & John - Sellers
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Carol & John

I chose Iron Bridge because of the way they conduct their business

Jean - Seller
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We couldn't have had a better outcome!

Jo & Grant - Sellers
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Jo & Grant

Monique went over and above any level of involvement I would have expected

Wendy - Landlord
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Desere has been the most professional Real Estate Agent we have dealt with

Tracey & Clive - Sellers
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Tracey & Clive

We should have registered with Iron Bridge sooner

Gini - Tenant
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Victoria has been fantastic

Betty - Landlord
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Iron Bridge had always been our first choice

Anton & Grace - Landlords
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Anton & Grace

I have found Sam approachable and effective

Dean - Seller
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At last had a peaceful nights sleep knowing that things were finally sorted

Glen & Karen - Tenants
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Glen & Karen

We intend on using Iron Bridge for all our future property ventures

Jin & Junna - Landlords
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Jin & Junna

I contacted Deseré and dealing with her has been an absolute pleasure when selling our house

Ubo - Seller
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You are without a doubt number one in our book

Andre & Tracey - Purchasers
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Andre & Tracey

Our long standing relationship with Iron Bridge made our decision to employ you as our agents easy

Tom & Aileen - Sellers
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Tom & Aileen

Thanks to Iron Bridge our dream is now possible

Alwyn & Julie - Sellers
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Alwyn & Julie

The service and care has been second-to-none

Dean & Gillian - Landlords & Sellers
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Dean & Gillian

Your work ethic stands you proud

Christine & Frank - Sellers
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Christine & Frank

I want to thank Iron Bridge Property Management for such phenomenal service

Lourens - Landlord
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Iron Bridge Property Management operate with honest, open and knowledgeable conduct

Elena & Mike - Landlords
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Elena & Mike

I did not have to worry about anything at all!

Francis - Landlord
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We found the whole process far more relaxing than we ever expected!

Grant & Kerry - Sellers
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Grant & Kerry

Iron Bridge was our first call

Peter & Sharon - Sellers
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Peter & Sharon

One name came up again and again, Iron Bridge Property Management

Andrew & Annette - Landlords
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Andrew & Annette

This is not only risk free selling but we felt that is was also stress free selling

Katherine & Ken - Sellers
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Katherine & Ken

Iron Bridge’s selling methods are by far the best way to achieve the highest price

Matt & Alison - Purchasers & Sellers
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Matt & Alison

Nothing was a problem and she went out of her way to make the transition as easy as possible.

Chris - Purchaser
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We watched as Iron Bridge sold the house across the street for more than the asking price, then they did it for us!

Peter & Penny - Sellers
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Peter & Penny

We made the right choice

Ian & Sarah - Sellers
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Ian & Sarah

I would recommend Iron Bridge Property Management to anyone who is looking to rent

Ana - Tenant
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It was a no-brainer to use Iron Bridge

Fendall - Landlord
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Our home was sold in less than a week, at a price much higher than we anticipated

Donald & Vicki - Sellers
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Donald & Vicki

You were able to negotiate $11,000 more than the asking price!

Elizabeth - Seller
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Six weeks after the sale and I am still unable to think of a single thing that Iron Bridge might have done better

Steve - Seller
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We were always pleased with tenants that you selected for the property and have had a hassle free experience as landlords

Gavin & Sue - Landlords
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Gavin & Sue

I loved your approach of only bringing through qualified buyers which meant no time was wasted

Brodie - Seller
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A+ for commitment and results!

Nola & Evan - Sellers
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Nola & Evan

We are so happy with the result and a fast one at that!

Simon & Emily - Sellers
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Simon & Emily

We received an offer for the full asking price within 24 hours of going on the market

Tony - Seller
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Iron Bridge Property Management came through, both on their promise as well as their due diligence

Alenka - Landlord
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He bought us an offer within 2 weeks

Vicki - Seller
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We are still on cloud nine

John & Sanny - Sellers
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John & Sanny

The key factor was an established basis of respect and trust that had been put in place between us

Sidney & Sandra - Sellers
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Sidney & Sandra

A great no pressure approach to purchasing an investment property

Barbara & Bruce - Investors
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Barbara & Bruce

We achieved a sale price over and above what the neighbouring property sold for at auction

Grant & Anne - Sellers
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Vaughan family

Monique made everything simple and easy

Kerry & Ejaz - Landlords
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Kerry & Ejaz

I'm very happy with Iron Bridge

Graham - Landlord
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A similar property sold days apart from ours and Paul negotiated $37,100 more than the other agent

Morne & Hayley - Sellers
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Morne & Hayley

You guys found such nice tenants in a short period of time

Joe & Joanna - Landlords
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Joe & Joanna

The whole selling process was well explained

John & Kim - Sellers
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John & Kim

I received both professional & empathetic service from your Christchurch team

Stephen - Tenant
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Stephen Walker

The previous owners told us of Iron Bridge and recommended we use your services

Russell - Landlord
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The Iron Bridge method is streets ahead of any other system of sale

Derek - Seller
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Derek Wiseman

We look forward to many more years working with Iron Bridge

Phil & Wendy - Investors
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Phil & Wendy

We would highly recommend you, any day!

Rachel & Simeon - Sellers
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Rachel & Simeon

We had great expectations and we were not disappointed

Wendy & David - Sellers
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Wendy & David

An agent from another company brought us an offer $37,000 less than what Iron Bridge sold it for

Les & Sue - Sellers
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Les & Sue

Just a simple knock on the door and we were underway

Beverley - Seller
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We would recommend to people on the North Shore to sell with Iron Bridge

Conrad & Donna - Sellers
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Conrad & Donna

We love Iron Bridge!

Kerry & Evelyn - Sellers
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Kerry & Evelyn

The Iron Bridge sales system is unique where it optimises the best possible price...

Jo & Paul - Sellers
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I was especially impressed with the 'Price and Service Guarantee' that Iron Bridge offer

Carlos - Seller
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They managed to achieve a final sale price that far exceeded our expectations

Pat & Joanne - Sellers
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Pat & Joanne

Your company's marketing plan and strategies gave us tremendous confidence

Linda & Bruce - Sellers
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Linda & Bruce

I am more than happy with my property managers

Emma - Landlord
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Emma Puia

We did not have to pay any fees for advertising or marketing.

Wayne & Camrin - Sellers
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Wayne & Camrin

I will share our satisfying customer experience with whoever will listen!

Michele - Tenants
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The whole process has been transparent from start to finish...

Pete & Ral - Landlords
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Pete & Ral

We will have no hesitation in recommending you and Iron Bridge in general to anyone and everyone

Wally & Jenny - Sellers
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Wally & Jenny

You turned a stressful, sleepless situation into a stress free life for us...

Mawera & Graeme - Landlords
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Mawera & Graeme

I was out of my depth so I spoke to Iron Bridge Property Management

Duncan - Landlord
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If you are ever thinking of selling a property, I strongly urge you to chat with the team at Iron Bridge...

Steve and Marnel - Sellers
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Steve and Marnel

The whole process took only a short time – very stress-free and handled in a professional manner

Melanie and Jason - Sellers
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Melanie and Jason

The house was sold and went unconditional in only 8 days!

Lil & Rod - Sellers
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Lil & Rod

Paul and the Iron Bridge team made our home selling experience the stuff of legend.

Wayne & Monica - Sellers
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Wayne & Monica

We have received fantastic 'after sales service' and can confidently say that Iron Bridge is by far the most professional Estate Agency we have dealt with.

Lanthia & John - Sellers
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Lanthia & John

Our friends sold their house with Iron Bridge so we thought we would too

Jason & Jane - Sellers
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Jason & Jane

Iron Bridge sold our 2 properties in the space of 3 weeks

Mark - Sellers
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It was a breath of fresh air working with Paul and the Iron Bridge team

Paul & Lee-ann - Sellers
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Paul & Lee-ann

Not only did we get the price we wanted but it sold within the 1st week!

Dave & Carla - Sellers
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Dave & Carla

We worked with Paul to purchase our new home and he was fantastic!

Edwin & Jennifer - Purchasers
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Edwin & Jennifer

Iron Bridge is a unique Real Estate agency that put ethics beyond commission...

Chris & Yuni - Sellers
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Chris & Yuni

Your negotiating skills are outstanding!

Helen - Seller
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Helen Stringer

Everything was smoothly managed and we are very happy with the outcome

Theng - Sellers
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Theng Gan

Iron Bridge work as a team

Steven & Denise - Sellers
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Steven & Denise

We are glad we chose Iron Bridge!

Gina & Shum - Sellers
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Gina & Shum

We were impressed with the systems that Iron Bridge have in place for marketing the property

Jim & Mavis - Sellers
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Jim & Mavis

We knew we could trust you

Norman & Yolanda - Sellers
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Norman & Yolanda

In no time you presented us with 2 excellent offers to choose from

Anton & Meninda - Sellers
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Anton & Meninda