Our Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves on providing real estate, property management and property investment services that are second-to-none in terms of customer experience and results. Here is a selection of recent feedback from our clients around the country.

All along we have been treated with respect and not once have we felt pressured to do anything we didn't want to

Rhonda & Murray - Sellers
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Rhonda & Murray

We would like to thank the team at Iron Bridge for a very pleasant and easy house sale

Georgia & Hakan - Sellers
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Georgia & Hakan

The process for selling our property was much smoother than we imagined it would be

Chris & Shirley - Sellers
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Chris & Shirley

Eben really understood our needs

Siva & Idhaya - Tenants & Buyers
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Siva & Idhaya

She was very professional and competent.

Nicki & Barry - Sellers
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Nicki & Barry

His can do attitude led to positive outcomes for both the buyers and the sellers

Nik &Tina - Sellers
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Nik & Tina

Nothing was ever a problem

Marty - Seller & Landlord
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We continued to be impressed by the performance of the whole Iron Bridge team

Tony & Lorraine - Sellers
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Tony & Lorraine

Here was someone I could trust

Gay - Seller
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He is gifted, talented and knows his market

Steph & Adel
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Steph & Adel

Eben showed great skill and ability when it came to negotiating the best price for us

Peter & Mel - Sellers
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Peter & Mel

We would certainly work with the Iron Bridge team again

Doug & Julie - Landlords & Sellers
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Doug & Julie

We're delighted with the service we’ve received

Andrew & Pip - Landlords
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Andrew & Pip (1)

I appreciated their informative non-pushy approach

Mat - Purchaser
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Our best interests were central to a process that led up to achieving a great result

Peter & Fe - Sellers
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Peter & Fe

A pleasure to have dealt with Ashleigh and Iron Bridge

Rana & Ellie - Tenants
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Rana & Ellie

We really appreciated her efforts in finding the exact property according to our budget and demand

Heena & Prince
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Heena & Prince

If you want a successful outcome she is the person that can assist you in it.

Wendy - Seller
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Wendy (1)

You made the process stress free and we would highly recommend you

David & Sue
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David & Sue

From the outset our impression of Iron Bridge was favourable.

Christopher & Charlotte - Sellers
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Christopher & Charlotte

We are delighted with the outcome

Tess & Blair - Sellers
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Tess & Blair

Iron Bridge, we WILL be using you again

Dave & Elle - Sellers
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Dave & Elle

Jordan's efforts made the sale process so easy for us!

Willie & Kylie - Sellers
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Willie & Kylie

Easy to get in touch with, quick to respond, overall great agent!

Natalie - Purchaser
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Thanks for your time and support through this crazy and exciting time!

Blair & Jenny - Buyers
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Jenny & Blair

I will highly recommend your services to my family and others

Millan & Family - Buyers
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We believe you achieved the right price, faster, at lower cost and with less stress for us

Anne & Wayne - Sellers
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Wayne & Anne

Using Iron Bridge Real Estate was a no brainer

Ian Black - Seller
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Ian Black

Nothing was too difficult for him

Debbie - Seller
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I had Paul Foster and the Iron Bridge team on my side

Marguerite - Seller
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I would happily recommend my friends to her

Antoinette & Sean
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Antoinette & Sean

I am so grateful to have met you and the team at Iron Bridge

Graham - Seller
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Graham Datson

Nick Close at Iron Bridge who told us he could find us a tenant within a week...and indeed, he did

Phillip & Erlinda
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Philip & Erlinda

We could not have made a better choice

Mel & Rod - Sellers
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Mel & Rod

Monique is great!

Cameron & Victoria - Landlords
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Cameron & Victoria

Yourself and your team provided us with the confidence in knowing we had chosen the right person and Agency

Gaynor & James - Sellers
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Gaynor & James

The Iron Bridge systemised approach made everything so easy and simple for us.

Annabelle & Michael - Investors
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Annabelle & Michael

We appreciated your advice Brent

Stephen & Brienne - Investors
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Stephen & Brienne

Each time Monique has exceeded my exceptions

Nicholas - Landlord
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When Iron Bridge sold my property they made it so easy

Joseph - Seller
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The whole process as first home sellers went without a hitch

Nickki & Carl - Sellers
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Nickki & Carl

You made it your business to be knowledgeable about the property

Ian - Seller
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Both the rental team and sales team did a top-notch job

Edmund - Landlord & Seller
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Paul provides us with professional and friendly service and assistance

Bing - Buyers
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Bing & family

…your calm, professional demeanour gave us confidence of the successful outcome that was achieved

Barry - Seller
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Iron Bridge are a great company to work with

Henrik & Julia - Sellers
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Henrik & Julia

We felt the whole Takapuna branch was working with us

Richard & Lynda - Sellers
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Richard & Lynda

With no upfront fees and trustworthy people it suited my situation well

Bevan - Seller
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I did not have to pay any advertising or marketing costs.

Susan - Seller
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You were so personable that it felt like we were old friends

Robinson Family - Sellers
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Robinson Family

From the start, Paul eased me into the steps with his caring manner and expertise

Maureen - Seller
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The whole process was quick, easy and very professional

Pat - Seller
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The sale was so easy and stress free

Roger & Mandy - Purchasers
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Roger & Mandy

Over all, just great!

Bianca & Luke - Sellers
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Bianca & Luke

We look forward to continuing a successful relationship with Iron Bridge

Shiree & Robbie - Landlords
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Shiree & Robbie

We are totally satisfied with the service provided by Paul & the Iron Bridge team

Clarry & Robyn - Sellers
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Clarry & Robyn

You were fantastic compared to our previously bad experiences with other agents

Colin & Lesley - Sellers
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Colin & Lesley

Desere's communication was excellent

Glenn & Nicki - Sellers
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Glenn & Nicki

We are now sold and on the move! We're very happy - thank you so much

Jim & Janice - Sellers
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Jim & Janice

You were determined to do the best for us as clients

Graeme & Neryl - Landlords & Sellers
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Graeme & Neryl

We were never afraid to ask Desere for anything

Jean & Colin - Buyers
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Colin & Jean

He was considerate of our feelings and patiently answered all of our questions even though some must have seemed silly to him

Carol & John - Sellers
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Carol & John

I chose Iron Bridge because of the way they conduct their business

Jean - Seller
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We couldn't have had a better outcome!

Jo & Grant - Sellers
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Jo & Grant

Monique went over and above any level of involvement I would have expected

Wendy - Landlord
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Desere has been the most professional Real Estate Agent we have dealt with

Tracey & Clive - Sellers
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Tracey & Clive

We should have registered with Iron Bridge sooner

Gini - Tenant
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Victoria has been fantastic

Betty - Landlord
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Iron Bridge had always been our first choice

Anton & Grace - Landlords
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Anton & Grace

I have found Sam approachable and effective

Dean - Seller
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At last had a peaceful nights sleep knowing that things were finally sorted

Glen & Karen - Tenants
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Glen & Karen

We intend on using Iron Bridge for all our future property ventures

Jin & Junna - Landlords
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Jin & Junna

I contacted Deseré and dealing with her has been an absolute pleasure when selling our house

Ubo - Seller
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You are without a doubt number one in our book

Andre & Tracey - Purchasers
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Andre & Tracey

Our long standing relationship with Iron Bridge made our decision to employ you as our agents easy

Tom & Aileen - Sellers
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Tom & Aileen

Thanks to Iron Bridge our dream is now possible

Alwyn & Julie - Sellers
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Alwyn & Julie

The service and care has been second-to-none

Dean & Gillian - Landlords & Sellers
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Dean & Gillian

Your work ethic stands you proud

Christine & Frank - Sellers
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Christine & Frank

I want to thank Iron Bridge Property Management for such phenomenal service

Lourens - Landlord
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Iron Bridge Property Management operate with honest, open and knowledgeable conduct

Elena & Mike - Landlords
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Elena & Mike

I did not have to worry about anything at all!

Francis - Landlord
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We found the whole process far more relaxing than we ever expected!

Grant & Kerry - Sellers
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Grant & Kerry

Iron Bridge was our first call

Peter & Sharon - Sellers
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Peter & Sharon

One name came up again and again, Iron Bridge Property Management

Andrew & Annette - Landlords
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Andrew & Annette

This is not only risk free selling but we felt that is was also stress free selling

Katherine & Ken - Sellers
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Katherine & Ken

Iron Bridge’s selling methods are by far the best way to achieve the highest price

Matt & Alison - Purchasers & Sellers
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Matt & Alison

Nothing was a problem and she went out of her way to make the transition as easy as possible.

Chris - Purchaser
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We watched as Iron Bridge sold the house across the street for more than the asking price, then they did it for us!

Peter & Penny - Sellers
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Peter & Penny

We made the right choice

Ian & Sarah - Sellers
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Ian & Sarah

I would recommend Iron Bridge Property Management to anyone who is looking to rent

Ana - Tenant
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It was a no-brainer to use Iron Bridge

Fendall - Landlord
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Our home was sold in less than a week, at a price much higher than we anticipated

Donald & Vicki - Sellers
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Donald & Vicki

You were able to negotiate $11,000 more than the asking price!

Elizabeth - Seller
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Six weeks after the sale and I am still unable to think of a single thing that Iron Bridge might have done better

Steve - Seller
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We were always pleased with tenants that you selected for the property and have had a hassle free experience as landlords

Gavin & Sue - Landlords
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Gavin & Sue

I loved your approach of only bringing through qualified buyers which meant no time was wasted

Brodie - Seller
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A+ for commitment and results!

Nola & Evan - Sellers
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Nola & Evan

We are so happy with the result and a fast one at that!

Simon & Emily - Sellers
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Simon & Emily

We received an offer for the full asking price within 24 hours of going on the market

Tony - Seller
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Iron Bridge Property Management came through, both on their promise as well as their due diligence

Alenka - Landlord
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He bought us an offer within 2 weeks

Vicki - Seller
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We are still on cloud nine

John & Sanny - Sellers
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John & Sanny

The key factor was an established basis of respect and trust that had been put in place between us

Sidney & Sandra - Sellers
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Sidney & Sandra

A great no pressure approach to purchasing an investment property

Barbara & Bruce - Investors
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Barbara & Bruce

We achieved a sale price over and above what the neighbouring property sold for at auction

Grant & Anne - Sellers
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Vaughan family

Monique made everything simple and easy

Kerry & Ejaz - Landlords
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Kerry & Ejaz

I'm very happy with Iron Bridge

Graham - Landlord
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A similar property sold days apart from ours and Paul negotiated $37,100 more than the other agent

Morne & Hayley - Sellers
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Morne & Hayley

You guys found such nice tenants in a short period of time

Joe & Joanna - Landlords
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Joe & Joanna

The whole selling process was well explained

John & Kim - Sellers
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John & Kim

I received both professional & empathetic service from your Christchurch team

Stephen - Tenant
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Stephen Walker

The previous owners told us of Iron Bridge and recommended we use your services

Russell - Landlord
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The Iron Bridge method is streets ahead of any other system of sale

Derek - Seller
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Derek Wiseman

We look forward to many more years working with Iron Bridge

Phil & Wendy - Investors
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Phil & Wendy

We would highly recommend you, any day!

Rachel & Simeon - Sellers
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Rachel & Simeon

We had great expectations and we were not disappointed

Wendy & David - Sellers
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Wendy & David

An agent from another company brought us an offer $37,000 less than what Iron Bridge sold it for

Les & Sue - Sellers
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Les & Sue

Just a simple knock on the door and we were underway

Beverley - Seller
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We would recommend to people on the North Shore to sell with Iron Bridge

Conrad & Donna - Sellers
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Conrad & Donna

We love Iron Bridge!

Kerry & Evelyn - Sellers
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Kerry & Evelyn

The Iron Bridge sales system is unique where it optimises the best possible price...

Jo & Paul - Sellers
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I was especially impressed with the 'Price and Service Guarantee' that Iron Bridge offer

Carlos - Seller
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They managed to achieve a final sale price that far exceeded our expectations

Pat & Joanne - Sellers
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Pat & Joanne

Your company's marketing plan and strategies gave us tremendous confidence

Linda & Bruce - Sellers
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Linda & Bruce

I am more than happy with my property managers

Emma - Landlord
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Emma Puia

We did not have to pay any fees for advertising or marketing.

Wayne & Camrin - Sellers
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Wayne & Camrin

I will share our satisfying customer experience with whoever will listen!

Michele - Tenants
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The whole process has been transparent from start to finish...

Pete & Ral - Landlords
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Pete & Ral

We will have no hesitation in recommending you and Iron Bridge in general to anyone and everyone

Wally & Jenny - Sellers
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Wally & Jenny

You turned a stressful, sleepless situation into a stress free life for us...

Mawera & Graeme - Landlords
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Mawera & Graeme

I was out of my depth so I spoke to Iron Bridge Property Management

Duncan - Landlord
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If you are ever thinking of selling a property, I strongly urge you to chat with the team at Iron Bridge...

Steve and Marnel - Sellers
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Steve and Marnel

The whole process took only a short time – very stress-free and handled in a professional manner

Melanie and Jason - Sellers
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Melanie and Jason

The house was sold and went unconditional in only 8 days!

Lil & Rod - Sellers
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Lil & Rod

Paul and the Iron Bridge team made our home selling experience the stuff of legend.

Wayne & Monica - Sellers
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Wayne & Monica

We have received fantastic 'after sales service' and can confidently say that Iron Bridge is by far the most professional Estate Agency we have dealt with.

Lanthia & John - Sellers
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Lanthia & John

Our friends sold their house with Iron Bridge so we thought we would too

Jason & Jane - Sellers
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Jason & Jane

Iron Bridge sold our 2 properties in the space of 3 weeks

Mark - Sellers
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It was a breath of fresh air working with Paul and the Iron Bridge team

Paul & Lee-ann - Sellers
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Paul & Lee-ann

Not only did we get the price we wanted but it sold within the 1st week!

Dave & Carla - Sellers
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Dave & Carla

We worked with Paul to purchase our new home and he was fantastic!

Edwin & Jennifer - Purchasers
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Edwin & Jennifer

Iron Bridge is a unique Real Estate agency that put ethics beyond commission...

Chris & Yuni - Sellers
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Chris & Yuni

Your negotiating skills are outstanding!

Helen - Seller
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Helen Stringer

Everything was smoothly managed and we are very happy with the outcome

Theng - Sellers
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Theng Gan

Iron Bridge work as a team

Steven & Denise - Sellers
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Steven & Denise

We are glad we chose Iron Bridge!

Gina & Shum - Sellers
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Gina & Shum

We were impressed with the systems that Iron Bridge have in place for marketing the property

Jim & Mavis - Sellers
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Jim & Mavis

We knew we could trust you

Norman & Yolanda - Sellers
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Norman & Yolanda

In no time you presented us with 2 excellent offers to choose from

Anton & Meninda - Sellers
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Anton & Meninda

Iron Bridge act as your advocate, your advisor, your councillor.... That’s really it in a nutshell!

Darren - Seller
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Darren - Carlisle Road